Celebrations with the Patriarch

Mass and Services celebrated by the Patriarch in the Cathedral


January 2021

31st January 16:00 Sung Vespers with Men and Women Religious


17th February Ash Wednesday
18:30 Holy Mass (with Blessing and Distribution of Ashes)


28th March Palm Sunday
10:00 Solemn Mass
31st March 18:00 Penitential Service


1st April Maundy Thursday
9:30 Mass of Holy Chrism
18:00 Solemn Mass of the Lord’s Supper
2nd April Good Friday
8:30 Office of Readings and Morning Prayer
15:00 Stations of the Cross
18:00 Solemn Liturgy of the Passion
3rd April Holy Saturday
8:30 Office of Readings and Morning Prayer
19:30 The Easter Vigil
4th April Easter Sunday
10:00 Solemn Mass
16:00 Solemn Vespers
25th April Solemnity of St Mark the Evangelist
10:00 Solemn Mass
17:00 Solemn Vespers


6th June The Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord
18:00 Solemn Mass